Wake up !!!

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Street Art Paris.




GRAFFITI & MUSIC | A match made in heaven



Street Art Is Beautiful!

EDITO #50 | June-July 2020

Together, we will get through this crisis… We are all eager to get back to normality in our workshops, our galleries, our festivals, our creations…

Wake up!!! 

The recent tumults have created new impulses of solidarity and creativity. And if we had been able to avoid this, many of the works seem premonitory a posteriori. Like Cassandra, many artists have been shouting themselves hoarse without their messages being understood. We will explore the signals that we have ignored.

The richness of Street Art

The roots of street art lie in activism and protest, in the underground and demonstration, in community spirit and hip-hop and punk cultures. A return to the connections between music and street art was necessary. Our adventures also lead us to rediscover Paris, capital of street art, from its catacombs to its monumental walls, and Wynwood with its rainbow of colours. Two destinations where street art takes on different modes of expression, but the DNAs are more convergent than some might think. The universes proposed by the 1UP Crew, the «colourist surveyors» JonOne and HoxxoH, the intimists Sainer and Henrik Uldalen and the realist Odeith give all the diversity and their nobleness to urban contemporary art.

Graffiti Art in your pocket

From mid-May 2020, you can find Graffiti Art and our archives dating back to the origin on our Graffiti Art Magazine app available on AppStore and Google Play.

We dedicate this issue to all the victims of the coronavirus and to all those whose sacrifice have allowed us and allow us to get through this crisis. Thank you.