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We should no longer take things seriously…

EDITO #46 | September 2019

As of this new school year, we should no longer take things seriously. This is why this new Graffiti Art issue looks into artists with a strong background in irony. We started by visiting the naïve-style house of Carrie Reichardt. This hell of a woman makes fiercely feminist wild and literal art that can only rejoice its audience.

In or Out

Another impressive feminine figure is the conceptual British artist Lucy Sparrow, who exposes consumption for what it is: a comfortably disgusting system. And since supermarkets shelves are one step away from landfills sites, we stayed in the UK and followed Dan Rawlings into wastelands to discover how he hand-cuts wrecks with a blowtorch to return them to their natural state faster. Ironically still, this issue published a couple of days away from the Brexit tastes very British.

Pics and pics, posts and likes

But as we don’t want to show favoritism, you’ll find a lengthy interview of Spanish artist Aryz that brings us back on to a more rigorous figuration and French artist Romain Froquet tells us about his upcoming solo show. As for the focus, it will explore the way in which Instagram is revolutionizing how urban artists manage their careers. Nowadays, it’s all about winning new followers through a constant flow of breathtaking and, preferably, cynical images.

Next autumn, we’ll have many reasons to put a mirthless smile on our face. But let us wish good luck to the people flying to London! As of Halloween, they’ll need to keep calm, or maybe just swim to other side.