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Irony of history or premonition of an activist artist?

EDITO #47 | November-December 2019

In the troubled hours of the Brexit negotiations, earlier this October, Devolved Parliament by Banksy was sold in auction for 11.1 million euros. This work from 2009 remains particularly relevant today for it crystalizes the growing mistrust of institutions. Irony of history or premonition of an activist artist? The disastrous collateral effects of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union also pervaded the last Moniker Art Fair. The occasion for us to speak about Artivism and go back to the origins of art in the public space: freedom, the environment, buying power…

Endless opportunities

The public space is a street art melting pot that offers endless possibilities of expression: from detournement –the signature tactic of French artists CLET and OX– to political murals –that of Argentinian artist Hyuro–, and purely esthetic pursuits –like the “ephemerals” of Gérard Zlotykamien, a pioneer of urban art which practice dates back from the 60s. Representatives of the diversity and vibrancy of urban contemporary art, the English artist Ermsy revisits classic cartoons, while the French Seaty glorifies urban cultures and human emotions in unique visual works that speak to all of us.

GraffitiART reloaded

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