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Street Art: revealing emotions

EDITO #69 | April 2023

The enthusiasm for Street Art does not wane as shown by the success of the exhibition CAPITALE(S) held at Hôtel de Ville de Paris extended again until 3 June, which has already attracted more than 100,000 delighted visitors. After reading the pages we have dedicated to this event, you will no longer have an excuse not to add CAPITALE(S) to your list of indoor shows to see.

Yet, the street remains the essence of Urban Art. So, we are taking you on a tour of the streets, canals, and districts of Amsterdam where graffiti and Street Art have found a major anchor point in Europe. Today, the STRAAT Museum and the many murals across town have turned Amsterdam into a real Street Art destination.

In Amsterdam, as in Paris, Brussels, and elsewhere, many urban artists have made it their mission to re-enchant the city through humour, whether it be just for fun or to convey political messages more efficiently.

Humour is also the trademark of Jace’s Gouzou, who is always looking for new territories from his base on Reunion Island. Going back to the origins, we met Robert Combas, whose free figuration has inspired so many street artists. On the fringe of figuration, as he likes to say, Tanc will transport you to his abstract post-graffiti world. As for Rylsee, in another style, he reinvents lettering with an unquenchable creative thirst. Finally, Nasty connects graffiti, lettering, and abstract around his moniker, his intuitions, and collaborations.

Up until 31 March, you can take part in our Graphiclash contest on our Instagram account @graffiartmagazine. Then come and meet us at the Urban Art Fair at Carreau du Temple (3rd arrondissement of Paris) from 13 to 16 April.

Intensely Urban Art.




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