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Edito #77 | June – July 2024

Here we are! Street Art is heading to the next level, as shown by a series of events that were unthinkable just a few years ago: Kylian Mbappé’s stratospheric bid of €520,000 on Hopare’s portrait of Pelé at a charity auction; Renault’s commitment to Street Art reflecting the pioneering spirit of the group in contemporary art; the opening of the Pompidou Centre to Urban Art with Gérard Zlotykamien’s entry into the museum’s collections and the official placement of Invader’s PA_1500; the landmark exhibition We Are Here at Petit Palais; the phenomenal success of the Invader Space Station exhibition (see GraffitiART #76)…
Street Art is now a full fledge movement that enlivens events and venues. We can’t wait to see the works commissioned as part of the Grand Paris metro lines. Meanwhile, let’s turn our attention to this year’s highly anticipated event, the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, through the Spot24 exhibition and the intimate relationship between sport and Urban Art. But Street Art is not just urban, as powerfully demonstrated by the Silo Art Trail in Australia, where grain silos turn into canvases for monumental murals.
In terms of talent, we will put our spotlight on the socially engaged artist Kashink, with her non-binary masked creatures, as well as stencil artist Jaune, whose little dudes comment on the daily lives of invisible people, nonetheless essential to the functioning of our modern societies. We also meet Ador with his surreal and childlike creations, the duo Excalibur, fascinated by 8-bit aesthetics, and Seize Happywallmaker, whose mandalas explore the spectrum of light.
Last but not least, Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group, shares with us the innovative vision of the car company for Street Art and street artists. By fervently supporting Street Art, it looks as if Renault Group, a pioneer in contemporary art, is once again ahead of its time and becoming a driving force for the movement.

A new chapter in Street Art is just beginning.

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